May 2022: Chamber Music Athens with Dr. Frigo! We performed Pieces of Paper from CCE's fall semester, and we were also on a panel discussing the Athens Hip Hop Harmonic!

May 2022: School of Music graduation! I completed my Music Composition degree with Summa Cum Laude and First Honor Graduate distinctions this spring, and I will complete my Music Education degree this fall after completing student teaching!

April 2022: UGA String Project spring concert with my amazing co-teachers and friends! This is the sweetest bunch of teachers, and we had a fun group of students this year. I will miss this!

April 2022: With my amazing friend Emily Eng! She conducted the Hodgson Wind Ensemble for my premiere and was an absolute delight to work with!

April 2022: The premiere of dear diary...! This has been a long time coming, and it was so cool to share this program with two other premieres! John Mackey's Xerxes was right before my piece, and he is a huge inspiration for me, so that was also super inspiring.

April 2022: Cassandra and I at the Contemporary Chamber Ensemble concert! We performed original songs with Athens artist Convict Julie and Frederic Rzweski's Coming Together!

March 2022: My composition recital! My final piece was a last-minute addition of a piece for cello and electronics using a Max patch.

February 2022: Performing in the Student Composers Association recital!

February 2022: Contemporary Chamber Ensemble concert! I performed Michael Gordon's The Low Quartet, Luis Fernando Amaya's Tinta Roja y Tinta Negra, and Julius Eastman's Stay on It!

December 2021: Bucket list item: playing with harp! I had a great time performing with Chris and Julia!

November 2021: Reading session with the Hodgson Wind Ensemble of dear diary...! I'm hiding away in my composer corner with Dr. Lane.

November 2021: Identity Through Sound premiere!

November 2021: Embolden came to my recital!

November 2021: After my recital with Rachel and Gabriella!

November 2021: My cello recital! I performed pieces by Boulanger, Bloch, Ligeti, and Ginastera on a program that explored how I re-learned the cello after experiencing performance injuries.

October 2021: Recording r(apt)ure with Zaira!

October 2021: CCE was featured in the local newspaper!

October 2021: Leo and I at Creature Comforts with CCE! We played a Sunday afternoon set here in preparation for a recording session.

October 2021: UGASO Cellos! I loved playing this all-American program: Joan Tower, Walter Piston, and Howard Hanson!

September 2021: My first Repertory Singers concert with Ryan! (Not for cello, but as an alto!) It's exhausting having to stand for a whole concert...

February 2021: Photoshoot with Embolden! Caitlin, Claudia, and I: an unstoppable trio.